Episode 6 – The Derided

It’s the final episode in this series, so I brought my chum Andrew Wilson into the studio with magic internet pipes to discuss those performers who have been wrongly and sometimes rightly derided by the critics. I’ll be back in two week’s time for six more episodes.

Episode 3 – West Yorkshire

Wheear ‘ast tha bin sin’ ah saw thee, ah saw thee?

Well, I’ll tell you if you put that axe down. Thank you. I’ve been in my home county whittling CDs for today’s episode. All the music featured, comes from bands or individuals with a link to West Yorkshire. I forgot to put some in some Ed Sheeran I’m afraid. So I’m very sorry for you Ed Sheeran fans…

The format of today’s show is a bit different. Mainly because my day job has taken over my life at the moment, but I will be back next week with a more conventional episode about dogs.

Episode 2 – TV Themes from the 1970s & 80s

Grab your flares and Sony Walkman from the loft because this week I’m looking at TV themes from the 70s & 80s. Don’t worry if I’ve missed one of your favourites because I’m going to look into both those decades in depth later this year.

My apologies for the sound quality, I had to use an inferior microphone. Next time I will have a shiny new one which makes me sound like Stephen Fry. Stephen Fry if he was from Yorkshire and also had a neurological impairment which affects his speech.

Marie Lloyd

Episode 1 – The Music Hall

Let’s slide down the time pipe and head on over to the local music hall for some bawdy entertainment and naughty company.

Errors and omissions in this episode.

I forgot to mention that some of the recordings in this show date to before the First World War and that the reason so many music hall stars were recorded in the 1930S was because Music Hall enjoyed a brief revival.


The correct title of the comedy series I mentioned is Tales from the Mausoleum Club not Tales of the Mausoleum Club.



Music featured in this episode.

When I Take my Morning Promenade
Marie Lloyd

Take me Back to Dear Old Blighty
Florrie Forde

The End of My Old Cigar
Harry Champion

A Cover is Not the Book
Emily Blunt

If It Wasn’t for the Houses in Between
Gus Elen

My Grandfather’s Clock
George Formby Sr.

By the Seaside
Mark Sheridan

A Music Hall Trial Turn
Horace Kenney

The 39 Steps
City of Prague Philharmonic